Biography April 22

April 22 was founded in 2016 by musician and songwriter Michel Sahli and singer Natasha Lucia Born. The ambitious guitarist played in several bands and began writing songs and producing them in his own studio at an early age. He worked in various projects in Switzerland and Germany as a musician and producer. Natasha Lucia Born has the ability to fully empathize with a song. With her versatile voice, she gives the music of April 22 wings and soul. April 22 is a fusion of sensitive compositions from different influences, touching lyrics and a charismatic power voice. Their repertoire of spirited pop/rock songs and ballads invites you to dream and celebrate. A passionate synergy of creativity and love of music.


As a duo with half playback or acoustic (guitar and vocals).


Natasha Lucia Born     Leadvocals

Michel Mitch Sahli        Guitar / Backing Vocals